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The church has been in the Monterrey Area since 1922 but as you can imagine if you know the history of Mexico, the first 20 years were rocky. Religious persecutions of all kinds took place beginning in the late 1920′s. It wasn’t until the 1950′s that the first district was organized here. Our actual mission, the Mexico Monterrey West Mission was formed in 1994.

Our mission consists of twelve stakes and two districts. In Monterrey, which is in the state of Nuevo Leon, the mission includes six stakes. The rest of the stakes are in the state of Coahuila. Three stakes are in Saltillo. Two stakes are in Monclova. Piedras Negras has one stake with the two districts about an hour away from it to the south Nueva Rosita and to the northwest Acuña. Both Acuña and Piedras Negras are border towns with Texas.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Head Rubbing

Hey everyone!   
So this past few days have been pretty interesting. This wednesday I got my first haircut in Mexico and I was pretty nervous because if someone wants to cut hair here basically all they have to do is write Astetica on the door. It wasn't too bad though! My hair has never been as short as it is right now but where it's so hot here I really don't mind too much!

I thought I would just add that the guy next to me is basically singing at the top of his lungs some song in spanish. Different culture.
They have some really weird traditions here. And people here like believe them to be 100% fact. Whenever we leave someones house we always have to touch the head of the baby or it'll get a headache or sick. And even sometimes they've told me that they need to touch my head before I leave or ill get sick. Thats always a pretty awkward because they don't just pat your head and your done it takes a good half a minute per person. That may not seem like to long but you try having some old lady that you've never really talked to much start feeling your head for that long. Its weird! On Friday we met this old woman named Lucia and we spent a good 15 minutes talking to her about what we believe in when she like suddenly stopped my companion from talking and asked if she could feel my arm. She did and then asked me if I was sick or something. Nope just crazy white. I don't think she was all that interested in our message...
Our investigators are moving along. We just have to wait till they attend church 5 times before they can be baptized. It kinda sucks because one of our investigators went to Texas for a couple of weeks. We gave her the address to a church there but who knows if she's going to go. I hope so. It's amazing hearing all these stories of these peoples lives that I talk to. You truly can learn something form everyone you talk to.
I hope all is well,
Elder Ahlmer

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