Mission Detail

The church has been in the Monterrey Area since 1922 but as you can imagine if you know the history of Mexico, the first 20 years were rocky. Religious persecutions of all kinds took place beginning in the late 1920′s. It wasn’t until the 1950′s that the first district was organized here. Our actual mission, the Mexico Monterrey West Mission was formed in 1994.

Our mission consists of twelve stakes and two districts. In Monterrey, which is in the state of Nuevo Leon, the mission includes six stakes. The rest of the stakes are in the state of Coahuila. Three stakes are in Saltillo. Two stakes are in Monclova. Piedras Negras has one stake with the two districts about an hour away from it to the south Nueva Rosita and to the northwest Acuña. Both Acuña and Piedras Negras are border towns with Texas.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Ahlmer's Lesson

I have taken a long long time to prepare this simple message. The life of a missionary is quite busy, but I have felt the need to send this kind of a message since General conference.  I hope you read it with a prayer in your heart. 
35 Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the afields; for they are white already to bharvest.
 36 And he that reapeth receiveth awages, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal: that both he that soweth and he that reapeth may brejoice together.
 37 And herein is that saying true, One asoweth, and another reapeth.
 38 I sent you to areap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: bother men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours.
Alright, in this story we hear that there are 3 Different things going on here:
The Field
The Sower
The Reaper
Okay Shelf that.. This week I had the opportunity to teach the class of Gospel Principles during the Sunday School hour of church. The theme was about the Spirit world and the second coming. I realized something that was pretty important...
“At some moment in the world to come, everyone you will ever meet will know what you know now.  They will know that the only way to live forever in association with our families and in the presence of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, was to choose to enter into the gate by baptism at the hands of those with authority from God.  They will know that the only way families can be together forever is to accept and keep sacred covenants offered in the temples of God on this earth.  And they will know that you knew.  And they will remember whether you offered them what someone had offered you”  - Pres. Eyring
We learn something important from this quote. It´s that there really isn´t any excuse to not sharing the Gospel with everyday people. And how dumb we feel later, when we are standing next to someone we could have introduced to the Gospel, in the Judgement Day. 
This is the work of salvation, the fruit ready to be harvested (the everyday people), the sower (the everyday member), the reaper (the everyday missionary). This is the Lord´s work, and this is his Vineyard (Jacob 5). He knows which fruits are ready and who needs to go to work to bring to pass his mighty work. We are his Brothers and his Sisters, We are all part of this eternal family. Everyone has a spot in the Kingdom of our Father. A throne save especially for each one of us. We just have to earn it, preform our labors... today (Alma 34:32).
So let´s get to work. 

We are not alone in this grand cause. God has an Army of angels, those that already know the truth and have passed on, guided by their captain the Holy Ghost. They are their ready to prepare the way for you as you embark in the war against this dying world, this carnal world full of sin, reined by the adversary. Our job right now is to polish up, put on that armor and save souls, as much members as missionaries. And if you work for it this Army will be their to prepare your path. Prepare your thoughts, your feelings, the questions you will ask so that you can bring the Gospel to one of Gods children. 

Imagine yourself being the perfectly polished instrument that the Lord chooses for the child of God that is being prepared to accept the Gospel. He will put that child in your path because He knows that you are ready, because He knows that only you are the right kind of tool to change their life. 

I would like to dwell on what Eyring taught us earlier... Imagine the joy you will have, if not now, later, when you have brought someone into the light. The Gospel is the only thing that guides us through this world. It is the only thing that can get us through this life. 

John 1:1-5
 aIn the bbeginning was the Word, and the cWord was with God, and the dWord waseGod.
 The same was in the abeginning with God.
 All things were amade by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
 In him was alife; and the life was the blight of men.
 And the alight shineth in bdarkness; and the darkness ccomprehended it not.
It is the light in the darkness. 

D&C 88:49

49 The alight shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall bcomprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.

Everything... Everything we do in this life is to get back to our heavenly Father. Everything that has to do with that will bring closer to him and thus bring us closer to untainted joy. The real kind of Joy that the world doesn´t have to offer. 

So its time to go to work,
A letter is good for nothing unless the reader does something about it. 
Its time to Polish up:
Read your scriptures like they are the air to your life and you are drowning. 
Pray like you´ve only got one day left.
Polish every aspect of you're being.

Your abilities are unique and specific to bring about this mighty work. Every tool is different just like every child of God is different. If you haven´t watched Ballard´s talk from Conference You should probably get to that. Or watch it again to refresh what he challenged us.


Put your trust in the Lord. and bring 1 person into the church.... Before Christmas. 

Love you so much!!

Elder Ahlmer

The Ferraris in Mexico

Minuto Para Ganar

Hey everyone! 

This past few weeks have been great! We had a ward party playing minuto para ganar. Its like huge here! Almost every single house we walk into is watching it! But it was so much fun and basically the whole ward showed up! We managed to bring a couple inactive members and some of their friends. I think that had a good time because we've been teaching them ever since and the lessons are going really well. We are also having English classes every Tuesday night and that's always so much fun hearing the peoples accents but then I start to realize that that's probably how I sound to them....

This week has had the weirdest weather! We have gone from freezing to death to being cooked alive. The cold here is different like I don't know how to explain it but I think it has to do with the humidity. And it probably doesn't help being walking around all day. 

This week we had interviews with the president. That was pretty awesome getting his advice and opinion on things that I should do. Im thinking that my next companion probably wont be able to speak English... That'll be interesting but I know it'll be good because I really want to be more smooth when I talk. We went into the mission offices to work more on my visa as well. Turns out Ive been illegal this whole time that Ive been here! 

So a missionary kinda went a little crazy this week. Okay a lot crazy. Saturday night we got a call that all the missionaries in the mission were supposed to report to their houses as quick as possible lock the door and don't take unknown calls. That was pretty weird. I wanted to know what was going on so badly but nobody really knew. The next day we found out that a missionary had faked his own kidnapping to get money from the church.... Yeah crazy. But nothing really happened after that the president had a bunch of interviews with him and he finally confessed. He got sent home and thats about it.

This Sunday we went to the baptism of Louise and that was so cool because we got to know him pretty well as the other missionaries taught him in our ward. He's 17 and now is preparing to serve a mission as well! Im so excited for him he's a really cool kid and the gospel has changed his life so much! 

Keep me updated about whats happening!

Elder Ahlmer

Addee's Twin

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Gloria Family

Hey everyone! 

This week was a little different because we had Halloween and Day of the Dead. Halloween is basically the same here as it is in the states. So naturally on Halloween all we planned on doing is nocking doors. People were a little disappointed with our costumes.... Day of the Dead wasn't quite as big as I thought it was going to be. Its kinda like our Memorial Day, everyone just visits their ancestors and they have sugar skulls all over the place along with the same things to honor their ancestors. Nobody really painted their faces I guess thats something more people do in the South. We went to a menos activo house that night and ate this type of bread that they only make during this time of year that was really good! We ate it with some weird hot chocolate but it was good! 

Im still sleepwalking just about every night but its has been a little more mellow except for Thursday night. I guess I yelled something and ran into the the room tripping over a bunch of chairs and tables. I don't really remember it but I've got some solid bruises on my knees so its hard to argue! 

My comp and I are getting along really well and Im just counting my blessings because I know it wont always be like this with every comp I have! It's so weird being with someone 24/7 when you've never met them before! Whenever we got home for the day I make sure he takes his shoes off outside because man I didn't know someones feet could ever smell that bad! He could use that stuff as a weapon! I guess we don't have to worry about being kidnapped anymore because all he has to do is take of his shoes and everyone will pass out. He kinda gets a little crazy at night time. Its like the second we get home for the day his brain just shuts off. I just hurry and shower and get into bed as fast as possible ha ha. I guess I cant complain too much I wake him up just about every night sleepwalking!

We worked a lot with menos activo families this week and that went pretty well. Its pretty crazy to see all the people that the week they got baptized was the last week they ever attended. We met this family that is really cool. We call them the Gloria family because all of their names are Gloria. Theres The Grandma and mom and daughter that own a store just in front of their house. Their daughter has 5 years and she reminds me so much of Addee. Ive even slipped and called her Addee once! She always has so much energy and is just going 100 miles an hour. We brought them to church this sunday and trying to get her to sit still was nearly impossible! I finally let her use my puzzle that I have to teach the plan of salvation to at least keep her distracted. But they liked church and we are going to make sure that they keep coming! 

I was lucky enough that Craig got to come down to Monterrey a few weeks ago to work on the temple here. Naturally my mom gave him a huge package to bring with! I don't think she realizes that they have stores here too ha ha. But I really appreciate the snacks that they don't have down here! Craig took us out to dinner which was really nice of him. It was crazy funny watching him try and tell the taxi driver where to go in English. Im pretty sure he scared the poor guy for life! It was great hearing about the states! Its weird to think that life is actually going on up there! 

Keep me updated about whats going on!

Elder Ahlmer